Rev. Chris Taylor (Pastor) [email protected]
Sarah Plumley (Treasurer, Worship & Communications) [email protected]
Gilberte Plumley (Church Clerk) [email protected]
Lynn DeForge (K.i.D.S Church Coordinator)
Susan Hynd (Hospitality Coordinator)
Joan Foster (Prayer Chain Coordinator)


The elders have pastoral oversight of our spiritual development as they foster a prayerful, Word centered and God honouring Community of Faith committed to serving our Lord Jesus.
Ken Gill (Elder Chairperson) [email protected]
Brenda Stanford (Elder) [email protected]
Chris Taylor (Pastor) [email protected]

The deacons make the ministry of the Word possible and practical. They manage and develop the church's physical resources, ensure integrity and accountability in church finances, and facilitate the support and encouragement of all ministries to the glory of God.
Bruce Kendall (Deacon & Finance Chair) [email protected]
Gary Plumley (Property & Trustee Chair) [email protected]
April Aldridge-Lauricella (Deacon) [email protected]
Marie Kendall (Deacon) [email protected]
Chris Taylor (Pastor) [email protected]