Making Disciples Through Relationship.

THINK is a community of young people who are intentional about allowing God to transform them as they dig into his word, and apply it to their lives.

This Winter we are be exploring together what it means to walk with Jesus - who lives radically, and often outside of cultural norms. What does it look like to be made like Christ, follow His call, and lead the way He leads? We will uncover what it means to be disciples, make disciples, and encourage and equip each other as we live this out in community. Meeting Friday nights (and during the week), we will be mixing things up with a combo of regular Praise & Preach Nights; Community Nights; and Word Nights in the action-packed gospel of Mark. For now, we are meeting over video conferencing software. We will also be tying in some tools from “building a discipleship culture” by Mike Breen, and practical tools to live out radical discipleship and the call of Jesus for each of us, together.

To get connected or get regular updates through the THINK Facebook group, contact [email protected].

Join us for community, conversation, and time together uncovering what God is calling us to.

All are welcome!