Making Disciples Through Relationship.

THINK is a community of young people who are intentional about allowing God to transform them as they dig into his word, and apply it to their lives.

This Winter/Spring, we are hanging out with Jesus in the Gospel of John, as we watch Him encounter people in scripture in deep ways, encounter Him for ourselves, and know him more deeply. 

We typically gather Friday nights at 7pm at Edmison Heights Baptist Church, 160 Marina Blvd. We ask our own questions about what Scripture is saying, look at what it meant to those who originally heard it, and apply it to our lives. Mixed in with scripture nights are guest speakers, community nights, and city-wide worship nights.

To get connected or get regular updates/details through the THINK Facebook group, or other platforms, contact

Join us for community, snacks, and time together uncovering what God is calling us to.

All are welcome!