Making Disciples Through Relationship.

THINK is a community of young people who are intentional about allowing God to transform them as they dig into his word, and apply it to their lives.

This Spring/Summer we will be using a house-church model to get back to the basics, as we look IN and care for each other, UP to God, through worship and the Bible, and OUT, as we respond what Jesus is inviting us into. As we explore core teachings of Jesus, everyone is welcome - those who are curious about Jesus, those wanting to grow in their faith/follow Jesus, and those who want to share and support others as we grow nearer to God together. For the most part, we will be gathering every other Friday. House church nights will be mixed in with community nights.

To get connected or get regular updates through the THINK Facebook group, contact [email protected].

Join us for community, conversation, and time together uncovering what God is calling us to.

All are welcome!