Our Vision:

To nurture mature disciples who remain passionate about being on mission with Jesus Christ.

Our Core Values are:

• FAITH: God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is Lord, and he is central to all of life; so we value the authority of his Word and study it to know his will that we may live by it.

WORSHIP: We value weekly corporate worship that engages our minds and hearts in praise to God; which trains and motivates us to daily embrace this practice in our lives.

PRAYER: We are convinced that effectiveness in life and ministry is dependent upon God; therefore we value times of individual, small group and corporate prayer.

MISSION: Our unifying purpose is to glorify God through reaching individuals for Christ. We value our role in sharing the good news of Jesus and God’s saving grace.

INVOLVEMENT: We value serving with other organizations in our community for the betterment of our neighborhoods, helping this city be a reflection of God’s kingdom.

LEARNING: We value the discipleship of each individual; we encourage each person to pray, study the bible, engage in mission, use their spiritual gifts and mentor others.

LEADERSHIP: We value the development of team oriented leaders, gifted by God, who display both Christian character and competence in their areas of responsibility.

RELATIONSHIPS. We value deep friendships & ‘life groups’ based on the biblical principles of affirmation, accountability, nurture and forgiveness expressed in God’s love.